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Experienced SharePoint professional adept at administration and development, driving successful projects with a focus on efficiency, security, and user satisfaction.
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My Story

I am an experienced and accomplished IT professional based in Canada with over 15 years of web development and server administration expertise. My passion lies in creating exceptional user experiences through innovative and elegant designs. With a specialization in SharePoint (On-Premise and O365), JavaScript, and cloud development, I am dedicated and motivated to continuously learn and embrace new technologies.
My journey began as a C# .NET developer in a Japanese telecommunications company while completing my College Thesis. However, it wasn't long before I was captivated by the world of SharePoint and landed a role as a SharePoint Specialist. While most of my background revolves around SharePoint development, I have also utilized ReactJS to create stunning single-page applications for non-SharePoint projects.
In my free time, I honed my web designing skills by volunteering for non-profit organizations in Canada. I leveraged the latest versions of CSS (Sass), Bootstrap, ReactJS, and HTML to develop websites and applications that truly make a difference.
When I'm not immersed in code, you'll find me exploring the latest tech trends or enjoying a good cup of coffee. Oh, and here's a little joke to lighten the mood: Why did the web developer walk out of the restaurant in disgust? The seating was laid out in tables, but they wanted everything to be in divs!
I'm excited to bring my expertise to the table and collaborate on exciting projects. Let's connect and create some exceptional web experiences together!

My Work Experience

I served as the lead SharePoint Development project manager for one of our largest clients, overseeing the successful implementation of a Single Page Application (SPA) using AngularJS. By customizing and optimizing their existing O365 SharePoint infrastructure, we were able to eliminate the need for third-party software and services, resulting in substantial cost savings for the client. Currently, I am collaborating with the client to develop an enterprise-wide application using ReactJS, specifically designed to track their assets and important campaign initiatives within the SharePoint environment.
As a SharePoint Developer at ITFO, I work closely with our esteemed Fortune 500 client, where I played a key role in conceptualizing and architecting the utilization of their O365 infrastructure. This involved migrating from subscription-based online platforms to a custom-built form within O365 using AngularJS. Subsequently, we transitioned to ReactJS to enhance the application's maintenance and performance capabilities. The custom application developed serves as a centralized hub for the client's marketing department, facilitating the monitoring of marketing campaigns across various channels, including the company website, email, and social media interactions. To aid executive decision-making, we integrated PowerBI to generate graphs and reports that provide insights into the effectiveness of different campaigns.
The success of the initial application led to ITFO securing additional contracts with the client, enabling us to create more advanced O365 forms. To accommodate the increased demand and optimize performance, we migrated our data to Azure SQL and developed a REST API using .NET Core. Leveraging Azure Functions, we hosted the API, ensuring secure access to the data through AAD Authentication, limiting access to verified users.
In addition to application development, I assisted the client in setting up a comprehensive Search Center across all site collections. By implementing metadata tags on each site collection, we enhanced end-user search experience through refined search results and dedicated search pages, making it easier to locate specific site collections.
Furthermore, I assumed responsibility for managing their SQL Database, which stored crucial PowerBI information and data. I designed SSIS packages to extract data from diverse sources and load it into their SQL Database, ensuring efficient and reliable data integration processes.
SharePoint Administration Key highlights:
  • I am the one who takes care of the day-to-day maintenance of BCIT’s SharePoint 2013 Infrastructure.
    • Creating Backup site collection and moving them to our Back Server using PowerShell.
    • Updating our SharePoint through installing CU and Security Updates.
    • Doing yearly SharePoint RAP to make sure our whole SharePoint is secured.
    • Checking of SharePoint Services, making sure they are running and not encountering any error.
    • Maintenance of Windows Server
    • Creating PowerShell script to make getting information more accessible.
      • I created a PowerShell script that does a daily harvest of the BCIT news site and posted it on a SharePoint list to be consumed by the custom application I built.
      • I created a script that finds out and compiles ULS logs to different application servers to make finding out the problem is much easier and faster.
    • Changed the homepage intranet of BCIT to make it more user-friendly and valuable to its users. I used ReactJS and Sass for the design and displaying of data.
  • This year we are upgrading our SharePoint Server from SharePoint 2013 – SharePoint 2016. Next year we are planning to move to cloud M365.
    • With the current migration, I created a Migration Plan to ensure that the users will have no or less impact on the users.
    • Connecting with the site owners of each site collection on what data or document would be left behind to
SharePoint Development Key highlights:
  • Before I joined BCIT, they only Infopath to create automated forms. But I wanted to show how powerful and valuable SharePoint is to stakeholders in BCIT, so what I did is I introduced to them how to create mobile-friendly, user-friendly and limitless capability using ReactJS.
    • Introduced git as source control for code
    • Make use of JIRA and implement Scrum methodology to the whole process to ensure that development projects are completed on schedule. .
    • I have implemented DevOps and automated testing for the application we will build to ensure the Quality of our projects is met and that we are not introducing any new bugs every time we apply changes to the code.
In Accenture, I was one of the SME(Subject Matter Expert) for SharePoint to help Projects/clients who need close attention. I am the one they are sending if the Client is complaining about the Project with Accenture. I managed different teams in Accenture from SharePoint Developers, Testers and also UI Specialists. The following are the projects I have handled:
  • Migration Projects
    • I am fortunate enough to lead two different SharePoint Migration Projects in Accenture. Due to the success of this project, I am lucky to have gotten three client awards in Accenture. To help with the migration, I create a PowerShell that will help on scoping out how big the migration project is and also, I am the one who leads the execution of this migration to make sure that the schedules I take place with are on target and budget. We went for ShareGate and Metalogix as our tools of choice for migrating our client data to SharePoint Online.
    • Aside from migrating the clients' data from their different SharePoint farms (2007,2010,2013) to O365, I am also responsible for the client's custom features being ready and migrated to SharePoint Online. During that time, we migrated this feature to an App-Based model solution using Angular.
  • Development Projects
    • I got another project in Accenture. We create a SharePoint Hosted app in SharePoint Online that, when installed, will install the Client’s SharePoint Object, Custom Web part, Layout, MasterPage and Branding to target Site Collection. The custom app helps the Client make sure their site collection is uniform across their whole SharePoint.
    • I got another project in Accenture. We create a SharePoint Hosted app in SharePoint Online that, when installed, will install the Client’s SharePoint Object, Custom Web part, Layout, MasterPage and Branding to target Site Collection. The custom app helps the Client make sure their site collection is uniform across their whole SharePoint.
  • Certification – During my stay in Accenture, I earned the following certifications:
    • Exam 488: Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions
    • Exam 532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
    • MCSA: Cloud Platform - Certified 2016
    • Exam 533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
    • Exam 534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
    • MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure — Certified 2016
    • Certified ScrumMaster® (scrumalliance.org)

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